Dear friends
Change is afoot in the parishes!!!
As I write this article I am aware that we are going to have the Harpsden Fete on Sunday and hopefully that will be another splendid occasion and I thank all those who will have helped in any way to make that event a success.
At Harpsden we have also just had the wooden floor repaired and I personally think that this looks absolutely stunning. Thanks must go to all those who helped move ALL the pews so that the floor could be completely repolished – THANK YOU – without your help the repolishing would have taken far longer.
We have also had the East Window put back and I challenge you to spot the replacement glass – the stained glass company have done a magnificent job.
Hopefully by the time this article is published we will have the monumental brass back in place after being away for several months. This repair has taken so long as it is incredibly delicate work to repair such old brass and it is vital that it is done correctly as one mistake could mean the loss of an important part of the history of Harpsden.
Finally, again when you read this article we will have welcomed our new curate Sarah Nesbitt to the Benefice and I know that you will all make her extremely welcome as she starts her ministry her among us.
Where next?This does raise the question thought of vocations!! Have any of you though that you could preach better than the current team? That you are called by God to serve the church in an authorised role? If you have then do come to me and have a chat. It would be lovely if we had some Readers, or local Self Supporting Ministers. Please do think and pray to see if God is calling you to ministry.

I pray that you will all have a blessed and warm Summer.
Yours in Christ, Robert


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