Dear all
Summer is (almost) over and autumn has arrived with the appearance of blackberries in the Rectory hedge – not as many as last year as we had the hedge drastically reduced in size last Winter.
May I take this opportunity to ask you all to think about next year – already….
I am once more trying to start to put together a benefice diary so that everybody within the three churches and our communities will know exactly what we are doing, where we are doing it and when we are doing it.
So please let me know by the middle of November if your church is planning any event during 2019 so that we can include it in the diary. i.e. when is your fete?, Patronal Festival? Harvest Sunday? Quiz Night? any concerts that you are planning etc. This does not mean that we cannot have extra events slotted into the year later on, but then at least you would know if your planned event clashed with something else in the benefice calendar.
If you don’t let me then I cannot include it in the diary.
I always seem to struggle with this time of year, the Summer is over, but yet Winter is still not with us. We alternate between lovely sunny days and dull, dank autumnal days. We still can’t put away the Summer clothes and switch over to the winter ones as some days are so warm. A time of change is upon the world and change is never an easy thing to deal with. Change is never easy, but it does give us the opportunity to try something new, and sometimes we can be pleasantly surprised, and other times confirmed in our doubt. On the last week on our holiday we were in Manchester helping our respective parents with decorating and clearing lofts! As a thank you my mum purchased for Margaret and me a huge box full of all different sorts of bulbs. We will now have to clear out the pots and replant them with these new bulbs, and then sit back and wait expectantly for the joy that the plants will give us.
Sitting back and waiting is something that we all need to do as a Church community. We need to change what we do so that new people, and existing people can come to God, but not change too much too quickly. Instead we need to change something…… and then sit back and wait …. to see what that change will bring. It is only after we see the results of our’s and God’s labours that we can then fully understand what it is that God wants us to do next in our communities.

May I urge you then this Autumn, and Winter, to wait for God, to see what he has already done in your lives, and then once we have discovered what he is doing we can join in joyfully with his work.
Yours in Christ



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