Reverend Robert S Thewsey MA

Reflections from the Rectory

Dear friends
I have just returned from Dorchester Abbey and the Priesting of Sarah Nesbitt. What a wonderful service, what an amazing atmosphere, what a spiritual event, and what an amazing turn out from the entire Benefice to support Sarah as she continues on her vocational journey.
I am really looking forward to next Sunday (30th June, 11am at Shiplake Church) where we gather as a Benefice to be with Sarah as she presides for the first time on a Sunday morning. I do hope that many of you will come along to support her at that service as well as you did today (23rd June). Thank you in advance.
A Priesting is always an emotional time, it is a time that many people think about their own vocation and ‘what if’, or ‘if only,’ thinking that they have somehow missed the boat and that they could not possibly fulfil their vocation in their life – but discovering your vocation comes at any, and all stages in peoples’ lives, and can, and does change throughout a person’s life. It is NEVER too late to answer God’s call and find out what it is that God has planned for you. It could simply be that now is the time to volunteer to clean the church on a regular basis, to read a lesson, write intercessions – or it could be that God is indeed calling you to do more in the church. Be it Reader minister, Local Worship Leader, Priesthood, the list can, and does go on and on and on. As one of my friends recently said to me who has been avoiding his vocational call for over 30 years – ‘I thought that it was about time that I did something. I really do not want to go before the Pearly Gates and be asked why I did not answer God’s call!’
But what is a vocation? Well the dictionary states (actually Wikipedia states):
A vocation (from Latin vocātiō, meaning ‘a call, summons’) is an occupation to which a person is specially drawn or for which they are suited, trained, or qualified. Though now often used in non-religious contexts, the meanings of the term originated in Christianity.
So you see from the definition that when we acknowledge our vocation, and act on it, we are answering God’s call to carry out God’s work in the world. To be God’s hands, eyes, ears, mouth, feet – to do His will and to make this world a better place.
As you continue to pray for Sarah as a new priest, please also pray for all those who are seeking to find their own vocation and to answer God’s call to do God’s work in the world. And perhaps also pray that you too will discover what God’s call is in your own life.
With all God’s Blessings and we continue our vocational journey together.