Ministry in Lockdown – December 2020

Dear friends
December is here, and rapidly disappearing. Carol Concerts, Advent reflections, and Nine Lessons and Carols are all recorded and ready to be broadcast. Christmas cards are sent (mostly), presents are (not) wrapped!! Services are planned.

BUT – it must be said that we are struggling at the moment to actually tell you all what we are actually going to do over the Christmas period in respect to services, where and when they will be, and if you will be able to be in attendance!

I know that this is not what you want to hear – you, and I, would like to have a complete list of what is happening, and this will appear here in the magazine BUT please, please, please check before coming to any of the services that they are actually taking place, and that you are allowed to come! This is because government and church guidelines are constantly changing, and we really do not want to disappoint you if you come along and the service does not take place because of Covid. We are trying to ensure that all our services are available on-line so that as many people as possible can access them – please do feel free to pass on any of the links to our services to anybody that you feel might like to see them.

To help everybody, below are the links to our web presence so that you can find out what is happening – however, the first person to contact would be my PA, Leigh, at ‘’. Leigh is also keeping a list of who is attending services for the government test and trace system, and so will need to know your name and a contact phone number or email.

Our Facebook is:     /shiplakedunsdenharpsden
Twitter is:                 @sdh_benefice
YouTube is:     
Website is:       

And of course you could always phone me on 0118 940 3484

Please do take care of yourselves at this very strange time that we find ourselves in and I hope, and pray that you have a lovely, blessed Christmas and I very, very, much look forward to seeing you all back at church – as normal – as soon as is possible.

With all God’s Blessings – Robert x