Pancake Supper by Zoom

PancakesHow does that work? Well, when we can’t meet in person, what are the options? Thank goodness for the technology that allows some of us to meet online. Sadly, it is exclusive, as not everyone has the technology or know-how, and others just don’t find it helpful to see others on the screen, which is understandable.

In the absence of being able to meet in the village hall for our usual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, we met via Zoom. Some ate their pancakes as we gathered and caught up with one another’s news – lemon and sugar was the most common topping it seemed. Our usual pancake cooks were very relieved not to have spent the day preparing 100 pancakes, since everyone made their own, but we missed the home-made soup.

26 people on one screen26 people on 18 screens joined the party. We shared some pancake poems and pancake stories, then a history of our Pancake Supper. The latter is published on the following pages. And then we played bingo!

Joanne was our ‘caller’ and did a fantastic job with a very colourful caller’s check card. Bingo cards had been emailed out beforehand and we had the longest game I’ve ever come across, with several people asking if we all had the same card (we didn’t) because when someone finally called ‘bingo!’ there were only 12 balls left in the bag. Yvonne Watson, Wendy and Paul Robinson all finished with the same number and pancake-related chocolate prizes will be delivered in due course. Sarah won the second game, to many cries of ‘fixed’, which sadly couldn’t be heard because we were all muted at the time.

Bingo caller's check cardA huge thank you to everyone who helped to organise the evening. After much hilarity, we waved goodbye and left the ‘room’. Meeting online isn’t ideal, but it is one way to ‘be with’ one another in these pandemic times and was enjoyed by all. I won’t say ‘let’s do it again’ because I really hope that we won’t have to; that our next Pancake Supper will be with everyone in the village hall, laughing at the clergy’s efforts at tossing pancakes and with Joanne leading our usual beetle drive. But this was definitely one for the history book.

Revd Sarah

Pancake Supper History_4