Reflections from the Rectory Feb 2022


Dear friendsPhoto of Revd Robert Thewsey

I have just come back from our weekly Wednesday Bible Study at Harpsden Church – to which anybody can come – and one of the things that we were talking about in relation to the readings was change.

Change is difficult for all of us, and particularly at the moment, due to Covid, many people are finding that they can no longer do what they once did – and that is absolutely fine.  But what we were then looking at is how when we find that we can no longer do what we did before, we tend to stop entirely, rather than then looking at what else we might do instead.  This is true for us all as, as we get older things that we once found easy to do, and had the energy to undertake, become difficult for us.  I still think that I am a spry 18 year- old, but my body tells me now when I have done too much and I am quite certain this is true for all of us.  So, what can we therefore do when illness, age, Covid restrictions prevent us from undertaking roles that we have previously done?  We should all, perhaps, step back for a moment and think about what else we might then be able to do. 

This difficulty with change is very prevalent at the moment in all charity sections, and we all need to continue to support charities, but perhaps to do so in a different way.  So, if you can no longer volunteer in a shop, is there some admin support that you can do at home to help?  Some phone calls that you could do from home on behalf of the charity?  Could you perhaps increase your charitable giving?

This is also true of the church.  We have people stepping back from areas of responsibility and we need to replace them with others to take on those roles – but the roles do not have to be done the same way.  For example, in my previous parishes in Cornwall a Church Warden retired after service as a Warden of over 55 years! It was really, really hard to find anybody to take on the role as they thought that this meant a 55-year commitment to the post!!!  Which is certainly not true, and the new Warden started a tradition that they would only serve for 4 years and then step down to let somebody else take a turn – suddenly we then had a couple of people who would help and so we split the role between them both. The same could happen here in our church and perhaps we need to stop saying that people are stepping down, but rather they are changing what they do to support the church. 

Is there anything that you could do to help support your church here in this 

Benefice?  Even if it is only an hour a month, every bit of help is important and brings about the Kingdom of God here on earth.

May God continue to Bless you,  Robert