Services this month


2nd                    Advent Sunday                      Purple

Jeremiah                    33.14-16

1 Thessalonians         3.9-13

Luke                           21.25-36                                           Benefice Service

11am                Shiplake         Sung Eucharist                      RST + SN

6pm                Harpsden       Evensong                               RST + SN


3rd                    Monday

10am               Shiplake         Morning Prayers                   SN


5th                    Wednesday

9.30am                        Harpsden       Eucharist with Wholeness and Healing

                                                                                                RST + SN

                        Followed by Advent Course


9th                    Advent 2                                 Purple

Baruch            5.1-9

Philippians    1.3-11

Luke               3.1-6

9.30am                        Harpsden       Sung Eucharist                      RST + SN

11am                Dunsden        Sung Eucharist                      RST + SN

11am                Shiplake         Sung Eucharist                      MSJ


10th                   Monday

10am               Shiplake         Morning Prayers                   RST


12th                   Wednesday

9.30am                        Harpsden       Eucharist                               MSJ

                        Followed by Advent Course


16th                   Advent 3                     Pink/Rose

Zephaniah     3.14-20

Philippians    4.4-7

Luke               3.7-18

9.30am                        Harpsden       Sung Eucharist with Sunday School


11am                Dunsden        Sung Eucharist                      PG

11am                Shiplake         Sung Eucharist                      RST + SN

17th                   Monday

10am               Shiplake         Morning Prayers                   PG


19th                   Wednesday

9.30am                        Harpsden       Eucharist                               MF

                        Followed by Advent Course


23rd                  Advent 4                                 Purple

Micah             5.2-5a – Hebrews       10.5-10 – Luke             1.39-45, (46-55)

9.30am                        Harpsden       Said Eucharist                       PG

11am                Dunsden        Carol Service                          RST + SN

11am                Shiplake         Sung Eucharist                      MF

6pm                Harpsden       Nine Lessons and Carols      RST + SN


24th                  Christmas Eve                       Purple – White for Midnight

Isaiah              9.2-7

Titus               2.11-14

Luke               2.1-14, (15-20)

4pm                Harpsden       Christingle                 RST + SN to preach

11.30pm          Harpsden       Midnight Mass                      PG

11.30pm          Dunsden        Midnight Mass                      RST + SN

11.30pm          Shiplake         Midnight Mass                      MF


25th                  Christmas Day                      White

Isaiah              62.6-12

Titus               3.4-7

Luke               2.(1-7), 8-20

10am               Harpsden       Sung Eucharist                      PG

10am               Dunsden        Sung Eucharist                      MSJ

11am                Shiplake         Family Service           RST + SN to preach


26th                  Wednesday



30th                  1st Sunday After Christmas   White

1 Samuel         2.18-20,26

Colossians      3.12-17

Luke               2.41-52                                                         Benefice Service

10am               Shiplake         Sung Eucharist                 MSJ – no sermon