Parochial Church Council, Harpsden

The PCC (Parochial Church Council) is the elected decision-making team of the church. Our PCC serves Saint Margaret’s Church, and has 8 members. We meet approximately six times a year to plan and implement the projects that develop and maintain the church.

If you are interested in joining the PCC or would like to find out more please contact the Chairman, Reverend Robert Thewsey through the Church Office telephone 0118 940 6098 or email ku.gr1568747624o.ned1568747624sprah1568747624nedsn1568747624udeka1568747624lpihs1568747624.www@1568747624eciff1568747624ohcru1568747624hc1568747624" data-enc-email="puhepubssvpr[at]" data-wpel-link="ignore">Church Office.

The Revd Robert Thewsey
Tilden McKean (Church Warden)
Jonathan May (Treasurer)
Paul Barrett
Jane Burtt
Karen Drakeford-Lewis
Jo Taylor
Sue Wright (Secretary)