Pam’s Ponderings

How do you deal with what frightens you? What pushes you out of your comfort zone?

During half term, I took my grandson for a pony ride in the woods, a treat . Reassured that I had no responsibility but to pay and amble alongside, we arrived in good time. Being a familiar visitor he shot off to collect a helmet while I did the ‘necessary’ in the office.

Only when he was mounted did the halter rein come in my direction. Not on my agenda.

The last time I was that close to a horse was as a child when my pony bolted through woods, jumping over logs and taking my head too close to branches. I was really scared, lost all confidence. I had walked away never to return.

His treat was not to be marred by my memories, or unresolved anxiety. Taking hold of the rope with sheer bluff, we walked on, accompanied and guided in direction by the stable girl. And we had a very special time together, a beautiful walk through dappled sunlight, rhododendrons and wildflowers.

You may wonder why such a silly story finds its way to an article. For me the relevance is not in the event but in its imagery for the walk of faith that Christians seek to make. 

We have recently marked Pentecost and the gift of God’s empowering Spirit. Now the followers of Jesus were able to overcome the fears that had them hiding away. Now they grasped the nettle of speaking out, proclaiming who Jesus is and what he had done, what they had witnessed and now believed. They could  walk on in confidence that they were guided. Jesus’s expectation that they could follow in his footsteps had been realised.

For those early disciples, and in my modest experience with a grandson on his pony, that is the power of love. What could we achieve if that was our driving force with all people and all situations?

During the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, it was said of Her Majesty  the Queen that her faith in, and love, for Jesus enabled her to love any and all that her duties took her to. This did not mean she agreed with them or perhaps even liked them.  Many, who shared their story of meeting her, agreed that for that moment, with those few words, they felt that she was able to see each as a person. Her eyes were on each one.

As people with a Christian faith we are guided to keep our eyes upon Jesus and be led in the ways of His Kingdom.

May we all have holy eyes to see and act with love.


Note: During Robert’s sabbatical, if you need to speak to the clergy, please contact Sarah in the first instance; Robert will not be responding to emails or telephone calls until the end of September. 07770 930756

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