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Lent Course – Sundays during Lent at 4pm via Zoom – Everyone welcome

Filed in What's On on 28/01/2021

The season of Lent offers an opportunity for reflection as we journey through the days from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day. Exploring what it means to be Christian, to worship with, in and through Christ, is important. What does ‘following Jesus’ mean? What do we believe?

From the earliest days of the Church, Christians developed short, simple summaries of the faith. Many of them are embedded in the Scriptures. These short statements became known as ‘creeds’ from the Latin ‘credo’, meaning ‘I believe and trust’.

In this course, we will explore these creeds, summarising the store of God’s great good news for all.This might feel a little daunting, but think of the creeds as a great hamper full of good things. Each one needs to be unpacked and unwrapped, tasted and savoured. This takes time, but more than repays the work involved. Or think of the creeds as the home screen of your phone or computer, full of icons; behind each one is a whole world of meaning to be explored – and they all connect together.

Each of the sessions in this short course from the Pilgrim series is one part of that hamper, one icon on the home screen. Sessions are on Sundays, at 4pm, via Zoom, which allows us to share and discuss our thoughts.

21st February: What are the creeds?
28th February: God as Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit
7th March: Fully God and fully human
14th March: Crucified, risen and ascended
21st March: I believe in the Holy Spirit
28th March: One, holy, catholic and apostolic Church

To find out more, contact Robert, Sarah or Pam. For the link to join the sessions, email Leigh at