St Peter and St. Paul’s, Shiplake

St Peter & St Paul's. ShiplakeSt. Peter and St. Paul’s, Shiplake serves the worshipping needs of a thriving and friendly community, drawn from Shiplake and the surrounding areas.

All newcomers and visitors are warmly welcome.  This website should provide you with some of the basic information.  Please make yourself known to our team if you are new so that they can help you find your way around.

If you’d like to get more involved in the activities of the church, please join us at one of our services or events, or get in touch with any of the clergy or church officers.


For children

Sunday Club

The Shiplake Sunday Club has been very active over the years and a lovely well equipped building was erected next to the Church (the Ark) to help increase what we could offer the children in a fun-based Christian education.

However due to the lack of people to run the group we have not been able to continue. We need a group of committed parents who could take this on.

If you are interested please let the Rector know via the Church Office telephone 0118 940 6098 or email Church Office.


Bell ringing

There is an award winning bell ringing team in Shiplake which is regularly training new recruits. Such is the pleasure that these bells give that when it recently became clear that the entire ring of bells in the Shiplake Tower would have to be replaced the sum of £90,000 was raised to fund the work.  A considerable amount of the work has been undertaken by the ringers themselves. Training is frequently requested and provided to bell ringers from other churches in the area as well as to local schools.

The ringers practice on Tuesdays 19.30 to 21.00.

For more information contact the tower captain, Cyril Crouch through the Church Office telephone 0118 940 6098 or email Church Office, or look at the website:

Shiplake bell-ringers

The Bells

The earliest reference to Shiplake’s bells is in an inventory dating from the reign of Edward VI (1547-53):”Item – Three belles in ye steeple”. Later the church-wardens’ accounts for 1699 state that nine guineas was paid “to the bellfounder for casting a bell”.’Shiplake bells

By 1850, when the wedding bells rang out for Tennyson, there was a ring of five. To this was added a treble in 1868, and the ring was further augmented to the full eight by the addition of two more trebles in 1902, in commemoration of the long reign of Queen Victoria. The 7th and tenor bells were recast in 1925.

A newly cast ring of 8 bells was  installed in early 2010. The new bells, cast at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, are in an iron frame, just over 1m lower in the tower, and in the key of G#. The tenor weighs 9cwt 15lbs, Six of the old bells were transferred to rings in five other churches.

Carved high above the ladder inside the tower is a monk’s head. This, together with the small external door high up on the east side of the tower, probably dates from the days when priests supplied by Missenden Abbey, used the tower for a lodging.

The flower team

Flowers in churchThe Shiplake Church Flower arrangers are a friendly group of volunteers, who with their love for flowers try to bring the beauty of nature into worship. We provide the arrangements for each Sunday working in pairs, but as there are no floral decorations in Lent or Advent, we usually do 2 or 3 Sundays a term.
If you were able to join us, we would be very happy. Some experience is helpful but otherwise flower arranging is very enjoyable and not too difficult to learn.
For specific services, I.e. weddings, we are able to help and details are included in the special ‘Wedding information pack’.
For further information please contact Hannelore Donohue, via the Church Office telephone 0118 940 6098 or email Church Office.


The Parish Church Council

The PCC (Parochial Church Council) is the elected decision-making team of the church.  Our PCC serves Shiplake and Dunsden churches and has 20 members.  We meet approximately six times a year to plan and implement the projects that develop and maintain the church.

If you are interested in joining the PCC or would like to find out more please contact the Chairman, Julian Morse through the Church Office telephone 0118 940 6098 or email Church Office.